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Welcome to the marketplace built to support amazing creative content producers like you. With millions of visitors each month, you'll gain the exposure and flexibility you need, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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Customer Support

We provide full in-house technical support for all products, reducing your workload and leaving you free to focus on what you do best – Creating Great Products!

Quick Approval

No need to wait! Create new products and update them whenever you like. Your products will go live and will be ready to sell almost instantly.

No Exclusivity

You can sell your products anywhere else you like: sell on your own site and beyond. There’s nothing to lose in letting us help promote your work.

50% Download Share

The contributor model is based on earnings accumulated from the number of downloads of your resources published. Get share on each download by members.

High Visibility

Be discovered worldwide. Our marketplace is a multi-language platform to get your products in front of over 1.5 million customers wherever they are.

Earning more from your work just got easier
Time-Saving Tools

Our easy-to-use tools designed to make your submission experience faster and simpler.

Track Stats

Stay on top of your products with up to the minute stats.

Sell More

We offer tools, tips, and support to help authors around the world earn even more.

Earn Even More

Earn more by referring new talented contributors and valued customers.

What You Can Sell

With the aim of becoming the high-quality marketplace, we always search for new, creative, and superb resources developed by talented digital artists, which are classified into the following categories:


  • By default all the assets uploaded by contributor will be available only for subscribers meaning that they will be marked as premium resources and won’t be available for free.

    But there is an option for the author to mark an asset as a free resource. In this case, the asset will be available for free download with mandatory attribution to the author.

    Also, the revenue will be calculated according to our Free program pay-per-download model, where you earn $5.00 per 1,000 downloads.

  • On PoweredTemplate we use a revenue share methodology to allocate 50% of net subscription revenue among individual authors. We give the authors a fair 50% from net income, no hidden fees and author's charges.

    The payment per downloaded item calculation will be done considering the number of downloads, the item type weightings (item points), and the sum of subscription fees on that specific day.

    This is how your commission from premium subscriptions would work:

    • At the end of each day, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per diem" subscription amount. Then we would calculate the total number of item points considering the type of downloaded items.
    • The total daily subscription amount would be divided by the number of item type points to calculate the "per point" price for that day. That number would be multiplied by 0.5 to calculate the 50% rate. The price per point might change on a daily basis, according to our calculations.

    For example, let’s say there was only one subscriber, they generate revenue (excluding transactional taxes) of $19 for the month and download items worth a total of 20 item points. The amount available for sharing with the authors of those items is 50% x $19 = $9.50.

    Now imagine that one of the items they used is, for example, a presentation template of yours, worth 4 item points. Your items make up 4 points out of the total 20 points used, so you earn ( $19/20 x 4 ) x 0.5 = $1.90 from that one subscriber for the month.

    The more subscribers who download your items, the more you earn.

    PoweredTemplate’s Free license offers contributor’s a flat rate of $5 per 1,000 downloads for all free items. This royalty model is also known as Pay-Per-Download (PPD). With millions of visitors arriving at our site each month, the number of downloads can really add up quickly, giving Free content the potential to earn real money.

  • It is preferable if you can send initially more than 50 graphic resources for review. As once you send your content they have to go through a selection process and files will not be published unless a minimum of 10 are selected. Therefore, the more you send us for selection, the higher chances you have of creating a profile at our marketplace.

    Once you become a Contributor you can upload a minimum of 10 works. Besides that, you will need to generate a minimum of 50USD/EUR to get paid.

  • At PoweredTemplate we accept Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer as valid payout methods for our contributors.

    Payments always correspond to the downloads registered until two months earlier. So for instance, in March we pay the earnings accumulated for the downloads until the end of January, in May we pay the earnings accumulated for the downloads until the end of March, etc.

    You must keep in mind that invoices will be generated 2 months after you reached the minimum amount required - 50 USD/EUR

  • We actively market products and authors via the following channels:

    • Email Newsletters
    • PoweredTemplate Homepage
    • Category or Search Result Page (Popular Products)
    • Free Assets of the Week
    • Blog posts
    • Handpicked assets (on the homepage)
    • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)

  • Yes, as a contributor you can deactivate your account whenever you want but just be aware that once you deactivate your account the content published will still be active at PoweredTemplate website for minimum 1 year and all payments will be deactivated with the account.

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Interested in Joining?

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