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Love Text Effect Photoshop Mockup

작성자 mondolsgraphic
2021년 10월 2일부터
ID: 00504
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Love 3D Editable Photoshop Text Effect Template – Photoshop Layer Styles

This is “Love Photoshop 3D Editable Text Effect Mockup” for Photoshop. We made this template to create text effect for web designs, headline social media promotion
like Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, Linkedin or Publication Promotion like Flyer, Poster, Magazine, Event Paper, etc. You can zoom in or out to the size you want. The quality has never been
decreased . The file color mode is “RGB”. This is Fully Editable & Organized so that you can easily edit as your wish.

**Please note that** this is not actually an **add ons**. You don't need to import any action, pattern, etc on Photoshop, you need to simply open the files double click on smart object. Press T and write what do you want!
All fonts used are free to use or free for personal use. The links for the fonts are in the Help file located in the main download. But you can use any font you want!


- Easy Customizable and Editable
- RGB Color Design in 300 Resolution
- Layered & Organized
- 2000×1333 Pixels Dimension
- Smart Object
**Files Included**

- 01 PSD File
- 01 Jpg File
- 01 Help file
- Font Download Link (Included in Help File)

**Min Software Version**

- Photoshop Cs6
If you need any help using the file or need special customization feel free to contact me ****.

**Thank You** 기타…

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