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Licenses Allow:

UsageStandard LicensePremium License
Personal and Commercial use, as long as it's not for collective use.
For professional commissions from clients, for example, if you're a freelance designer.
In printed or electronic articles meant for resale, as long as it isn't the main element in the final product and the image or it's part isn't from a PowerPoint template.
As part of your design. For example: presentations, flyers, cards, invitations, calendars, brochures, postcards, restaurant menus, etc.
No attribution required*
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Licenses Do Not Allow:

  • To use content or any of its part in stock items/templates.
  • To extract image from template and to redistribution or the sale totally or partially of the content of the image or of any derivative work.
  • To extract image from template and to resell, assign, transfer or sublicense the content of the image or of any derivative work.
  • The use of content totally or partially as part of a website design.
  • The use of content as part of a brand, logo or anything else that implies guaranteeing a product or service.
  • Uses that might be considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral or illegal, or in a negative light or in a way that may be found offensive. For example: pornography, political endorsements or anything that slanders, libels or vilifies a person for race, sex, culture, religion, nationality, ethnicity, or any other reason.

This text is a summary of our license to make it more comfortable to read, it does not have contractual validity. Please consult our Terms before using our content.

For a full explanation of how licenses work, visit our License FAQ