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Powered Template Limited., hereafter PoweredTemplate Company, is the owner, and thus responsible, of the projects indicated below, including any of their subdomains and sections, hereafter “Website”:

PoweredTemplate Company uses both first and third party cookies to ease and personalize the navigation of Users on the Website.

What Does the Term Cookie Mean?

A cookie is a small file or device that is placed in the User’s PC (or any other device with access to Internet), when they visit the Website and that is used to store and recover data of Users on the navigation of the Website

PoweredTemplate Company's cookies are used to improve on the User's experience, allowing them to navigate comfortably through the Website, interact with third party sites, provide additional functionalities and additional services to those on the Website and analyze the use of the Site more precisely. For example, the Website is able to place a cookie in your navigator to avoid that the User has to remember and enters their password more than once on their visit to the Website.

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Types of Cookies and Purpose

There are different types of cookies with diverse purposes. Some cookies that can be found on the Website are:

Technical Cookies: These are those that allow the User to navigate through the Website and use the different options or Services available.
Personalization Cookies: These are those that allow the User to access the Services with some general characteristics predefined in relation to a series of criteria.
Analysis Cookies: these allow the responsible of the cookies to follow and analyze the behavior of the Users of the Website. The information collected through this kind of cookies is used to measure activity of the Website and elaborate on User navigation profiling, with the purpose of improving and enhancing the Website.
Publicity Cookies: These cookies allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the publicity spaces on the Website related to criteria such as edited content or the frequency at which adverts are shown.
Behavioral Publicity Cookies: These cookies allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the publicity spaces on the Website. These cookies collect data about the User in order to track their activity and behavior on the Website. They remember User’s behavior on the Website through the continued observation of their activity, which allows us to develop a specific profile to show publicity according to the information collected.
We provide you with a list of cookies that are used on the Website:

First Party Cookies:

PurposeExpiry DateDomain
Language detection. Helps us to collect information about the language preferences of the User to provide visitors with information in their preferred language180 daysPoweredTemplate
User login. Used to manage and store information about the user loginSessionPoweredTemplate, Contributor
Stores URL to redirect the user after finishing the registration or login process10 minutesPoweredTemplate
Remembers user’s personal ID each time they log on. This cookie is only created if the user agrees to be remembered180 daysPoweredTemplate, Contributor
Stores information on User settings and preferences, like products on page, show additional product information, favorite products, recently viewed products, diwnlaod preferences180 daysPoweredTemplate
Used in the payment process to redirect the user to the payment platform in case they are logged off7 daysPoweredTemplate (profile)
Test about payment data. Selection of payment, subscription to Premium3 daysPoweredTemplate
Test about search activity. Analysis of searches run by the user, show search survey form on a specific page180 daysPoweredTemplate
Checks if internal promotions are shown to the user 180 daysPoweredTemplate
Checks if cookies compliance messages are visible on the Website1 yearPoweredTemplate
Collects information about visits2 yearsPoweredTemplate
Collects information need for referral program180 daysPoweredTemplate
Develops statistics about Premium services advertisements1 hourPoweredTemplate
Measures data collected from searches30 daysPoweredTemplate

Third Party Cookies:

In the following table you can find third party cookies used on PoweredTemplate Company’s Website together with a general description. Links to the third parties’ websites are also provided to obtain more information about their privacy policies and cookies policies.

TypeThird PartyPurposeMore Information
StatisticsGoogle AnalyticsRegisters users’ activity on the Website and collects information about how the User navigates the site. This allows us to know the user’s activity on the site or on prior interactions.Here
LinkedIn AnalyticsHelps us to perform analyses of Linkedin advertisements: uploads, follows and visits. Allows us to develop statistics and identify tendencies.Here
GA AudiencesUsed to collect information about visits and traffic patterns through the site.Here
Affiliate MarketingShareASaleUsed to track users in order to document transactions (such as leads and sales). Here
Payment ProcessingFastSpringUsed to create a payment session. Here
AdvertisingGoogle Publisher TagsAd tagging library for DFP that can dynamically build ad requests. GPT takes key details such as ad unit code, ad size or personalized targeting, builds the requests and displays the ad on web pages.Here
FacebookUsed to show recommendations and ads to Users that may be interested in the advertised products, services or causes.Here
DoubleClickAllows us to use identifiers useful for identifying ads rotation and other delivery methods based on the users through different devices. Here
LinkedIn AdsAllows to publish ads targeted to a particular professional user.Here
Social NetworksFacebookThe website allows user registration and login on social networks. Our website contains links to social networks. Each social network button uses cookies that allow the User to perform certain actions when visiting these third parties’ sites. We are not responsible for the intervention, control or report of data; these are responsibilities of the corresponding social network. When the User connects to a social network when using the Website, a persistent third party cookie (from social networks) is installed and it is used to remember user’s identity and grant access to the service until its expiration. The User can delete this Cookie and withdraw the access to the service through social networks by changing the settings on the corresponding social network. If you do not want these social networks to collect your data, do not accept the plugin and log out before visiting the website. Here
InteractionLiveChatStores a user identifier to enable chat sessions. It is used for support services on the website. Here

The following is a detailed list of third party cookies used on PoweredTemplate Company’s Website:

CookieThird-PartyExpiry DateWebsite
__gadsGoogle2 yearsPoweredTemplate
__utmaGoogle2 yearsPoweredTemplate
__utmcGoogle10 minutesPoweredTemplate
__utmzGoogle6 monthsPoweredTemplate
_gaGoogle2 yearsPoweredTemplate
_gaexpGoogle3 monthsPoweredTemplate
_gatGoogle1 minutePoweredTemplate
_gidGoogle1 dayPoweredTemplate
fbm_...Facebook1 yearPoweredTemplate
fbsr_...Facebook2 hoursPoweredTemplate
_fbpFacebook3 monthsPoweredTemplate
ads_prefTwitter5 yearsPoweredTemplate
auth_tokenTwitter2 yearsPoweredTemplate
ct0Twitter6 hoursPoweredTemplate
dntTwitter6 yearsPoweredTemplate
external_refererTwitter7 daysPoweredTemplate
gtTwitter3 hoursPoweredTemplate
guest_idTwitter2 yearsPoweredTemplate
kdtTwitter2 yearsPoweredTemplate

More Information

The usage of cookies can be modified in the navigator settings. In most navigators, the User may find a "Help" section in the tool bar. For more information, you can find links to cookies settings of the most used browsers below:

  • For cookies on Internet Explorer, press here.
  • For cookies on Firefox, press here
  • For cookies on Chrome, press here
  • For cookies on Safari, press here

PoweredTemplate Company remits to these sections to obtain information on how to deactivate or eliminate cookies.

PoweredTemplate Company recommends that Users leave their cookies on as this helps to take advantage of some of the functions on the Website.

This Website also has access to the IP address with which the User accesses the Website. The IP address with which the User accesses the Website cannot be the same in every occasion. Also, the different Users can share one same IP address. Although PoweredTemplate Company does not carry out any actions associated to the IP address with concrete physical people, the access to IP addresses can be considered as a treatment of data due to the potentially identifying character of a physical person that may be associated to this IP, (more a theoretical possibility than a real one), for this, in agreement with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it shall be applied what is specified in the Privacy Policy.

Third parties that are advertised on the Website or those that the Users are connected to through plugins, may use cookies or 'web beacons' of those that PoweredTemplate Company has no control over. These third parties would not be responsible for or would be covered by the present Cookies and Privacy Policy, therefore, it is responsibility of the User to configure the browser’s settings so that cookies may only be used in agreement with their own preferences.

What Are the Results of Cookies Deactivation?

Disabling cookies that are necessary for website’s proper operation, the web page won’t load either. Those are the cookies that are intended to enhance your site browsing experience.

Disabling cookies that remember your preferences or analytics, we won’t be able to provide you with the relevant information. If you disable all cookies (including the essential ones), then you won’t be able to access all parts of our website. However, disabling cookies won’t deactivate web beacons and other trackers. Still, the web beacons’ functionality will be limited.

Changes to the Policy

We may bring changes to the privacy policy once in a while. This may happen as a result of the changes in the law or as a result of the changes in our services. All of such changes will be added to this statement. So, check it out from time to time.

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